Techology advancement in Cameroon

For years, CYEED has been promoting STEM for girls. This year, Ms. Ngassa has taken the initiative and developed a challenge: a challenge to Cameroon to increase girl participation in STEM to 70% will bring positive change to the country and its economy.

To publicize this challenge, Ms. Ngassa took a group of girls to radio station Radio Hot Cocoa FM 94.0 and had them explain to the listeners what they are learning at CYEED and how others can join. The results have been extremely positive with increased enrollment in the training classes.

According to Ms.Ngassa "It's up to us to change the opinions of those who are opposed to STEM education for girls. It is imperative that girls have equal access to education to eradicate the digital illiteracy that exists among women and girls and to give women equal access to opportunities in employment."

World Pulse has been instrumental in CYEED's publicity efforts. Read more on their post: 





These girls have goals to become computer programmers.


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